Thesis Advisory Committee

All research school doctoral researchers are supported by a personal Thesis Committee. The Thesis Committee provides mentoring and guidance in the scientific project as well as personal career development.

The Thesis Committee is assembled within the first three months of the doctoral thesis by the doctoral researcher with support from the direct adviser. It consists of at least three scientists and generally comprises the following persons:

  • The direct adviser
  • The adviser at the university (if the direct adviser is also the adviser at the university, an additional person is to be included in the Thesis Committee)
  • An external expert from the partner institution (for HRD-funded doctoral researchers) or another, preferably external, expert
  • An additional fourth member, if required

All members of the Thesis Committee as well as the doctoral researcher have to sign the supervision agreement and submit it to the research school office.

Annual Thesis Committee Meetings

The annual Thesis Committee meetings take place after 9 months, 1.5 and 2.5 years and are organized by the doctoral researcher.

Doctoral researcher prepare a written progress report for the members of the Thesis Committee. For the first Thesis Committee meeting this includes a proposal with project title, outline, objectives and milestones which has to be signed by all Thesis Committee members and submitted to the research school office.

During the meeting doctoral researchers give a presentation where they outline their research results. Based on the goals and actual results, the research progress and future perspective is reviewed and discussed.

The career development of the doctoral researcher as well as the acquired scientific and professional expertise is discussed and future action steps are designed. Doctoral candidates are encourage in their scientific activities and initiatives, as well as their individual training program.

After the meeting the Annual Thesis Committee Meeting Feedback Form has to be submitted to the research school office.