Frequently Asked Questions

Please check that the answer to your question is not covered below before you contact us.

Do I need to know German to participate in the Summer Internship Program in Diabetes

No, the working language of all participating parties is English.

Where will the internship take place?

At one of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center institutes located at the Helmholtz Munich, Germany.

Which institutes of the HDC participate in the program?

Please refer to the list of proposed projects  for more information on the group leaders and the institutes they are affiliated with.

How long are the internships and what are the exact dates?

The internships last for 8 weeks and will take place between 8th of July and 30th of August 2024.

When is the deadline for application?

The portal will be open until 8th of March 2024, 23:59 CET, which is the deadline for submission of internship applications.

I have finished my Bachelor degree and I am currently applying for a Master’s degree. Can I still apply for the SIP?

You can apply as long as you are still eligible, i.e. you still need to be enrolled at the university during the duration of the internship.

Can I apply if I am a second-year Master student?

No, unfortunately, you will be overqualified for the program and not profit as much as other participants.

What do I need in order to apply?

Please register to the online application portal, complete your application there and also check the section on Required documents. Applications are only accepted through our online application portal. Please do not send applications by email, since they won’t be accepted.

Is a motivation letter really required?

Yes, the motivation letter is a fundamental part of the application, allowing us to evaluate your motivation, experience and research interests.

Is a reference required?

As stated in the application portal, references are not required. However, you can upload, if you wish, but they are not a criteria for the selection process.

Not all my transcripts and certificates are in English – what shall I do?

For the application, an English translation of all documents is needed, but a not a notary certification. The latter might be required later, if you are accepted to the program.

How are interns selected?

Interns are selected based on academic merit and achievements, but also motivation letter and interest in diabetes research. 

Do you provide financial support for interns?

Yes, a fixed travel subsidy (if not living in Munich) and a contribution towards living expenses. All interns will be accommodated in a shared room. However, no visa costs can be covered.

Do you provide support for obtaining a German/Schengen visa and do you cover the costs?

If you are selected as an intern, we will provide you the necessary documents for visa application. However, we cannot apply for your visa and it is your responsibility to obtain it in time. We have no control over the visa application process or its outcome.

You might be exempt from a visa application fee, given that the internship lasts less than 2 months. In any case, we cannot cover visa costs.

What activities are included in the internship program?

Apart from regular project work at the host laboratory, you might be requested to present your project and the data obtained. Interns should also attend the scientific program of their host lab (e.g. lab meetings, progress reports), as well as some lectures organized in the frame of the internship program.

Are health and liability insurances provided?

No, those must be organized by the interns themselves.

Will I receive a certificate of participation in the internship program?

Yes, a certificate of participation will be provided at the end of the internship if you completed it successfully.