Advanced Scientific Training

Helmholtz Diabetes Center Seminar Series

During this weekly seminar series research projects from HDC scientists as well as invited external guest speakers are presented and discussed. The seminar series fosters scientific discussion and knowledge exchange as well as networking with local experts and the scientific diabetes community. As speakers have a background from fundamental sciences to clinical experts the interdisciplinary and translational dimension of diabetes research is presented.

The HDC seminar series is a great chance for doctoral researchers to present their research in a familiar yet interdisciplinary environment. Doctoral researchers have to attend to at least 50% of the HDC seminar series and have to present their research work at least once during their graduate studies.

Institute and Working Group Seminars & Journal Clubs

Institutes and working groups have their individual seminar series' where research progress and direction of the research field is discussed. Additionally, journal clubs provide an interactive analyzation of articles from scientific journals of the diabetes research field. Doctoral researchers learn critical evaluation and thinking, coherent and credible presentation of scientific data and development of scientific projects.

Technology Training

Method courses are offered by expert scientists from the Helmholtz Diabetes Center and Alberta Diabetes Institute. Doctoral researchers receive intensive training on specific topics and techniques, have first-hand interaction for question and advice and develop their skills in latest technologies.