Our Mission

The International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes is at the center of cutting-edge scientific research at the Helmholtz Diabetes Center and its partner institution, the Alberta Diabetes Institute. Doctoral researchers engage in international and innovative research projects that enable new approaches encompassing molecular research and translational application.

Our network is defined by high-end technology facilities, an excellent and progressive research community to the point of clinical studies. It is joined by the German Center for Diabetes Research, Technical University Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-University and the University of Alberta providing a remarkable interdisciplinary research and training environment.

The diversity of epigenetic and environmental factors underlying diabetes as well as the secondary complications resulting from this systemic disease require highly skilled researchers and creative innovations that will lead diabetes research towards a world without diabetes. The International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes combines pioneering scientific training with international collaborations for the next generation of diabetes leaders in fundamental research, translational application and industry.

Intensive supervision, professional training and career support will foster doctoral researchers in their career development and encourage them to direct their training and take the required steps to reach their career goals.

Why you want to join!

  • Excellent scientific training and state-of-the-art technology platforms at the Helmholtz Diabetes Center and the Alberta Diabetes Institute - two of the world’s leading institutions in Diabetes research
  • Innovative projects linking our understanding of mechanisms underlying diabetes to the development of new approaches in prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • International research groups and research exchanges between the two centers
  • Scientific networking at international conferences and within the great community of diabetes researchers
  • Translational training - from bench to bedside
  • Interactive guidance and a clear mentoring structure
  • Individual career development and support
  • Professional training in management, leadership and communication
  • Employment contracts from the Helmholtz Zentrum München and a doctorate from either the Technical University Munich, the Ludwig-Maximilans-University or the University of Alberta


.. and last but not least: Munich and Edmonton, beautiful cities to live in!