Translational Training

Translational Medicine Courses

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta offers training courses on the principles of translational medicine, where doctoral researchers gain knowledge on the process that translates a molecular discovery to the clinic and thus to the population. Doctoral researchers are actively involved in the training program which is conducted in workshops, seminars and coursework. The courses are open to doctoral researchers of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center during their mobility program at the Alberta Diabetes Institute in Canada.


Clinical Visits

Doctoral researchers are invited to gain insights into diabetes research from a clinical perspective. Clinical visits foster the concept "from bench to bedside" and offer doctoral researchers insight into the actual translation of diabetes research to the patient. Doctoral researchers may join clinicians on rounds at the University of Alberta Hospital and at the Ambulance of Diabetes Patients Munich, respectively. They will also spend one day in ADI´s Clinical Research Unit where they will be introduced to aspects of setting up and conducting clinical trials. Intensified insight is possible at the Heidelberg University Clinic in a multiple day training program. Moreover, clinical visits may be integrated into internships in clinical research facilities. Doctoral researchers of the International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes are expected to participate in a clinical visit at least once during their graduate studies.