HRD Introduction to Diabetes Research Course 2022

This year´s HRD Introdcution to Diabetes Research Course took place in hybrid format from 13th to 14th October, with speakers from the Alberta Diabetes Institute (ADI), Helmholtz Diabetes Center (HDC) and Helmholtz Pioneer Campus (HPC).

The HRD course in Diabetes Research is organized annually by the HRD and provides an overview of the research topics at the Helmholtz Diabetes Center and ADI and hence the collaboration and networking possibilities between the centers. 

Thank you to all speakers: Alexander Bartelt (IDC), Aminu Bello (ADI), Carolin Daniel (IDF), Christiane Winkler (IDF), Fabiana Quagliarini (IDE), Jessica Yue (ADI), Maike Becker (IDF), Maria Rohm (IDC), Martin Hrabe de Angelis (IEG), Matthias Blüher (HI-MAG), Oliver Bruns (HPC), Patrick E MacDonald (ADI), Peter Senior (ADI), Robert Wagner (IDM), Stephanie Kullmann (IDM)!

Also many thanks to our session chairs  and of course to all participants!