HDC Data Blitz Session

On Tuesday, the HDC Data Blitz Session took place within the HDC Webinar series. Thanks to Luiza Lutomska, Monica Gomez und Lena Oppenlaender for presenting their very interesting project ideas!



The data blitz session took take place on 23rd of February, 

with the following speakers from the Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes:






Luiza Maria Lutomska (IDO)

Hypercaloric diet induces rapid heterogeneous

molecular alterations in astrocytes in the Arcuate Nucleus


Monica Gomez (EPI)

Characterizing the functional impact of DNA methylation at the LGALS3BP locus:

molecular mechanisms linked to metabolic disorders


Lena Oppenlaender (IDR)

Charting transcriptional heterogeneity of beta-cells 

after Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in a mouse model of extreme diabetes


The data blitz session is part of the HDC seminar series and open to everyone to attend.