Clinical Visit in Heidelberg

Many thanks to Prof. Nawroth and Dr. S. Kopf and the Heidelberg team for the excellent organinzation and implementation of the program. It was a great chance for our Doctoral Researchers to visit the hospital in Heidelberg for detailed clinical training from January 22nd-24th, 2020.

For the first time, 8 of our doctoral students had the possibility to gain insights into clinical research methods by visiting the Heidelberg University Hospital.

The 3-day program was full of fascinating lectures, presentations and demonstrations as well as fruitful discussions.

A special highlight for all the students was the practical work in the outpatient clinic for diabetes research which certainly refreshed motivation and enthusiasm for their own basic research.

The consistently positive responses confirm that the approach was well-received by the doctoral students, and we are looking forward to providing further clinical visits in the future.