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Online Application

Evaluation Process and Selection

Some candidates will be asked to take part in short phone interviews as part of the pre-selection process. Successful candidates will be invited for an interview symposium. Please check our application schedule for the current application period. During the symposium you will have the chance to discuss the potential projects with the respective group leaders.

The 2-day interview symposium will take place at Helmholtz Zentrum München approximately 6-8 weeks after successful candidates have been invited. We will invite approximately three times more candidates than the number we eventually accept.

The symposium consists of a panel interview with 3-4 senior scientists, an oral presentation of your latest research project, e.g. your Master's thesis, and meetings with potential supervisors. Candidates will have the chance to arrange additional lab and group visits and meet with current PhD students and scientists. During the symposium candidates may convince with their motivation, logical and independent thinking, research interest, intellectual brightness, research comprehension, resilience, and interest in team effort.