2nd Annual HRD / ADI Joint Symposium

Our 2nd Annual Joint Symposium between the Helmholtz Diabetes Center (HDC) and the Alberta Diabetes Institute (ADI) took place digitally in the format of a 2-day symposium on the 3rd and 4th of December, 2020, broadcasted from Munich.

After a warm welcome and interesting introduction by Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig, 15 graduate students from the ADI and HDC gave presentations covering their research project progress, and those who recently started gave an overview on their exciting future plans. Thanks to more than 60 participants their fantastic talks were followed by interesting discussions.

Dr. Vince Rodgers from the Alberta Diabetes Institute concluded with an interesting presentation on the latest development at the ADI. Breakout sessions between group leaders and graduate students from both institutions allowed for networking and intensified discussions. Many thanks also to Dr. Luke Harrison and Perla Cota, who guided us through the program and introduced the different speakers.

We are hopeful to invite our partners from ADI to Munich next year for personal meetings, as well as visits of our institutes and of course our beautiful city.