6th Helmholtz Diabetes Conference 2018

The 6th Helmholtz Diabetes Conference will take place from September 26 to 28 2018 at Palais Lenbach Munich. The meeting brings together international top leaders in the field of diabetes to enable the identification of, and potential solutions to, the preeminent scientific challenges facing the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. Moreover the conference will feature two award presentations: the Helmholtz Diabetes Lecture, in recognition of the lifetime achievements of a senior leader in the field, and the Helmholtz Young Investigator in Diabetes Award (HeIDi), in recognition of a rising star.

Source: Helmholtz Zentrum München

Every year, the Helmholtz Diabetes Conference series integrates research reports on essential scientific questions in urgent need of a breakthrough. In 2018, the focus will be on the role of the brain in the control of metabolism uncovering the cell type diversity and functional heterogeneity of hypothalamic regulatory circuits to allow dissecting, targeting and improving the CNS control of metabolism. Registration is now open!

The Helmholtz Diabetes Lecture recognizes outstanding lifetime achievements of a leading scientist in diabetes research. This year the honor of presenting the lecture will be given to Prof. Dr. Sabrina Diano, Yale University.

This years conference will be hosted by Matthias Tschöp, Helmholtz Zentrum München and Jens Brüning, Max Planck Institute Cologne.

The 6th Helmholtz Diabetes Conference takes place at Palais Lenbach, Munich. The meeting will begin with registration at 10.30h on Wednesday, September 26, and will conclude on the evening of Friday, September 28. There will be an Opening Reception for all conference attendees on Wednesday evening beginning at 6pm, September 26 at HEART restaurant and bar.

Please visit the 6th Helmholtz Diabetes Conference website for additional information, registration and abstract submission.


Scientific Sessions:

  • From Leptin to Future Therapies
  • Adipose Tissue
  • Systems Metabolism
  • Neuroendocrine Control
  • Endocrine Signals
  • Hypothalamus and Metabolic Control
  • (Epi-)Genetics of Diabetes
  • CNS Control of Systems Metabolism

Plenary Speakers:

Michael Czech, Univ. of Massachusetts
Sabrina Diano, Yale University
Richard DiMarchi, Indiana University
Ana Domingos, University of Oxford
Joel Elmquist, Univ. of Texas Southwestern
Sadaf Farooqi, Univ. of Cambridge
Jeffrey Friedman, Rockefeller University
Stephanie Fulton, Univ. of Montreal
Magdalena Götz, Helmholtz Zentrum München
Lora Heisler, Univ. of Aberdeen
Tamas Horvath, Yale University
Klaus Kästner, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Martin Klingenspor, Technical University of Munich
Zachary Knight, Univ. of California - San Francisco
Mitchell Lazar, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Bradford Lowell, Harvard University
Gilles Mithieux, Université de Lyon (TBC)
Martin Myers, Univ. of Michigan
Sir Stephen O'Rahilly, Univ. of Cambridge
Philipp Scherer, Univ. of Texas Southwestern
Michael Schwartz, Univ. of Washington
Randy Seeley, Univ. of Michigan
Javier Stern, Georgia State University
Scott Sternson, Janelia Research Campus
Lori Zeltser, Columbia University