University Degrees

Applicants require a university Master's degree (M.Sc. or equivalent) including a written Master's research thesis to apply to the International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes.

Applicants still studying for their degree may provide a provisional certificate or bona fide statement from the university, stating the examination marks already obtained.  You should receive your degree not later than 6 months after the application deadline.

Degrees from countries outside the European Union are subject to a recognition procedure. In addition, a final evaluation is performed by one of the German universities, Technical University Munich or Ludwig Maximilian University, respectively.

Scanned copies of your certificates and documents can be uploaded as a PDF file (max 3 MB) during the online application.

Additional Requirements

We require a copy of your high school certificate.

A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) may be advantageous for your application but is not mandatory. If you have a GRE certificate, you may upload a scanned copy during the online application.

Proof of English Language Skills

The language of the International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes is English and for successful participation in the PhD program you need excellent English language skills.

A language test for English (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE) is required for all applicants except native English speakers.

Alternatively, if your degree was in English you may provide a PDF document from your University in which this is stated.

In case you do not have sufficient time to do a language test for English and your studies were not in English please provide a document from your university stating your English language abilities. Please be reminded that an official English test or a degree in English is highly advantageous.

In any case applicants should be able to speak fluently with the reviewers about their research area during the application interview.

The certificate, test or documents can be uploaded as a single PDF document (max 3 MB) in the online application system.

Letters of Recommendation

You will be asked to provide the names and contact details of two referees in the online application form. As soon as you have entered the name and contact details of your referees, we will automatically send them an e-mail with a link, requesting that they provide us with a letter of recommendation online.

Please be aware that the deadline for your referees to submit their letters of recommendation is the same as the application deadline. For your referees to have sufficient time to submit their letters it is important that you provide their contact details in reasonable time.

As you are responsible for providing these letters, please contact us in case of any problem.